Each class description on our website has a general list of recommended equipment you should bring with you when attending a course with Crosswind Precision.

Having received some good questions about gear from students over the years, we also address this topic further on our blog with a more detailed list and recommendations specific to your range bag or “go-bag.” Click here to read “Essential Gear for Your Range Bag“.

Yes if you can provide one of the following documents.

  1. A valid CCW
  2. A letter, with departmental letterhead, from local Police or Sheriff’s Office showing no serious or recent criminal history.
  3. Active Military credentials, (within the last 3 years).
  4. Active Private Military Contractor credential, (within the last 3 years).
  5. A letter from any of Crosswind Precision instructors verifying your character/lack of criminal activity.

In general, we require that our students be at least 18 years of age so that we are able to run background checks. This may be waived under certain circumstances.

Not a problem! We train many new shooters and experienced shooters who are new to long range shooting. Click here to learn more about the types of people who take our classes.

I am a big fan of NightForce optics, but they come with a price tag that matches their quality. I have also found that Athlon makes a good quality scope at affordable prices. There are many good manufacturers out there: Vortex, Swarovski, Leupold, Zeiss, and Schmidt & Bender all make top quality optics.  This is not an area to cut back on when building a precision rifle.  You may have a high dollar custom rifle but if you mount cheap glass on it you will never have the precision needed for accurate long range shooting. YOU MUST HAVE A SCOPE WITH EXTERNAL, ADJUSTING TURRETS!!  This is a MUST! To learn more about scopes and external versus internal adjustments, read our detailed blog article here.

You will need good quality ammo for precision shooting.  We recommend ONLY match grade ammo from a good manufacturer.

Any rifle you chose to bring must be capable of shooting a 5 round group under 1 inch at 100 yards.  Your hunting rifle may be capable of this type of accuracy. Make sure your hunting rifle has the correct scope for the class and can handle match grade ammo.

We also have rental guns available. If you are concerned about having to purchase an expensive piece of kit before taking a class, give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t set you up with rental equipment so you can learn to use the gear before you buy.

We have rental guns available for students to use. These rifles are custom built for us by Viking Armament and allow even a beginner student to jump into our classes feeling confident that they have the right equipment. The build specifications on the school guns are:

  • .308 Caliber
  • Excalibur barrel
  • SilencerCO muzzle brake
  • Accurized 700 Remington action
  • Timney trigger
  • Mag-pull stock
  • Accu-tech bi-pods
  • Vortex Viper scopes

We also do have a couple of Ghillie suits available for students to use and are in the process of making a couple more. These are first-come-first-serve basis.

You can have ammo and gear shipped to Crosswind Precision. You must bring your weapon with you. Crosswind Precision is not responsible for gear that is lost in shipping.

Large quantities of match grade ammo are not available locally. We recommend ordering ammo on-line through Midway USA, Ammoman.com, Ableammo.com or another reputable supplier.  You can have this ammo shipped to us and it will be here waiting for you.

Depending on your trip’s budget and schedule, you can travel by car, train, bus, or plane. Driving or flying are the most common, so here are more details on each.
The quickest way to travel to Grand Junction is by plane. There are regular non-stop flights offered by United between the two cities (DEN to GJT), or a one-stop route available from US Airways (connects in Phoenix). Once you arrive in Grand Junction, the airport is only a few minutes away from Downtown. There are car rental options available at the airport, among other ground transportation options. You can also find accommodations near the airport.
Grand Junction is conveniently located on I-70 equidistant between Salt Lake City and Denver. From Denver, the drive totals 243 miles each way and takes about 4 hours, depending on road and weather conditions. The drive from Denver takes you through the heart of the Rocky Mountains and provides numerous spectacular vistas (along with the occasional winter weather driving hazards). The drive from Salt Lake City is 284 miles each way and takes about 4 1/2 hours.This drive takes you over the Wasatch Mountains and through remote Eastern Utah, where you can often spot herds of pronghorn from the highway. Either way, it’s a beautiful drive.

You bet! We schedule the courses to run together so students can save travel time and expenses. We are also currently offering a discount for students who sign-up for both classes back-to-back. Look for the LRP1/LRP2 Bundle on our training page.

Probably. If you can provide proof of attendance and completion of training at a reputable school, chances are that you will be allowed to take Long-range Precision 2 with Crosswind Precision.

Yes. This is necessary for us to be able to evaluate your abilities and is truly in the best interest of you, other students and the instructors.

No. Students attending this class will need to bring all that they need to sustain themselves while attending the course. We DO NOT break for lunch.  Bring plenty of water/Gatorade, Powerbars and Cliff bars, anything you like to snack on. There are usually short breaks between exercises when you will be able to eat a snack, sandwich etc. These courses require us to utilize every minute possible to convey the knowledge and get the practical applications completed. You will find that we do not waste time getting started in the mornings and you will not spend long periods of time in a classroom. We are accustomed to teaching professionals and we will treat you like professionals.

If a cancellation is made 30 days prior to the course, 50% will be refunded and any money paid can be applied to a future date. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the course date, there are NO REFUNDS. However, money paid may be applied to a future course date. There are no refunds or credits for no-shows.  Do not register for a course date if you cannot guarantee that you can attend.

There are brisk hikes up hills, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions. The advanced course will require crawling over short distances and ability to remain still for long periods. The most demanding physical stress is on the mental capacity due to the level of concentration needed. Most students are fine physically at the end of the day but are mentally drained.

Grand Junction is located about 25 minutes from our range, and offers awe-inspiring natural beauty and outdoor adventures, including hiking, camping, skiing, and mountain biking. Check out the visitor’s center website for information on trails, outdoor activities, and events. Grand Junction Visitor’s Center
There are multiple hotels in the Grand Valley.  Click here for a complete listing of available options: http://www.visitgrandjunction.com/hotels-lodging
For those wanting the most comfortable experience, we would recommend staying in Downtown Grand Junction because it provides several nice hotel options with the ability to walk to local shops and restaurants:
Hampton Inn Downtown – (970) 243-3222
If you prefer a quieter setting (and an even shorter drive to the range), the quaint town of Palisade, Colorado is located on the east end of the Grand Valley, nestled among vineyards and orchards, surrounded by stunning cliffs. Visit the Palisade Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about lodging options.

No.  We do recommend one-piece cleaning rods, good quality bore patches, and proper techniques which we teach in the intro course.

For a taste of our thoughts on proper gun care, see this recent blog post on bore cleaning.

The range is approximately 25 minutes east of Grand Junction, Colorado.

  • Directions: From Grand Junction, take I-70 east to exit 45. Turn north and follow the signs to Cameo.

Yes, we offer gift certificates.

You bet. Just give me a call at (970) 589-2516 or email me at info@crosswindprecision.com. I’d be happy to talk with you. ~ Dean Cork